At Towell International Holding, we strive to deliver premium quality services to our customers and society. We live by professionalism, and our greatest asset is the ultimate dedication of our staff. Towell’s team, which exceeds a thousand employees, is a key element behind our successful empire. Our teams have allowed us to establish a customer-oriented business, which has the ability of turning ideas into tangible achievements. Over the past six and a half decades, we have built a dynamic and interactive business in several countries in the Middle East and Africa. We have welcomed all sorts of constructive and productive ideas in order to improve our various operations and services. We are proud of the significant progress that Towell has achieved and maintained over the years. Our extended relationships with our partners have facilitated the proliferation of our products and services across the market. This in return has empowered our presence in the regional market across our involved sectors.

Welcome to Towell International Holding.
Tawfiq Ahmed Bin Sultan